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Our Story

Besides life-giving nourishment, food is an expression of culture, hospitality and love with the ability to provide joy and comfort to the soul. The goal of NamiChef is to create a global community of cooking enthusiasts (amateur and professional) who share their knowledge on where to source the best local ingredients and provide recipes and guidance on how to convert those ingredients into great dishes.

For example, did you ever want to make Pad See Ew or Brisket or Spaghetti alla Carbonara but didn't know where to get the necessary ingredients and once you found the ingredients, you needed a little advice beyond YouTube, your favorite blogger or a cookbook?

The goal of NamiChef is to create a platform where people can easily search for new recipes from around the world, get information on where to source local ingredients and get tips and tricks from fellow cooks to make restaurant-quality meals (or better!) at home.

Why We Started NamiChef

NamiChef was started because pre-pandemic people were cooking more at home, during the worst parts of the pandemic, people had to cook at home and we at NamiChef believe people will continue to cook at home.

And since everything starts with ingredients, NamiChef wants to build a community that will serve as a connection between you and the best local ingredients and great recipes from around the world.

Tell us where you buy hard to find Asian ingredients or even basics like a chicken or salmon or mushrooms so when another member of the NamiChef community in your area is looking for one of those ingredients, they can simply log in, type the word “salmon”, enter their zip code and then a list of recommended stores, farmer’s markets or delivery services will pop up with recommendations from other NamiChef community members.

Now that sourcing your ingredients issue has been solved, how do you make the dish? What if you require assistance beyond the recipe or a YouTube video?

Coming Soon:

This scenario explains the second goal of NamiChef: guiding home cooks and cooking enthusiasts to make restaurant-quality meals at home. How do we plan to do that? By providing the NamiChef community with 24/7 online access to skilled amateurs and professionals. You will be able to book someone in advance virtually if you need help with a recipe or a cooking lesson. If you need real-time help to determine if your dish is done or why your dish doesn’t look like the picture on your favorite food blog, we plan on providing 24/7 last minute help.

NamiChef's ultimate goal is to bring out the inner-chef in all of us. We truly believe that each of us is one of the best chefs we know and that if we can get a little help on where to source great ingredients and online guidance if we need it, we can recreate restaurant-quality dishes in our home kitchens.

Our Vision

NamiChef's vision is to create a world where people can make delicious food for their loved ones and themselves in the comfort of their own homes, regardless of their level of cooking skills or the sophistication of their kitchens.

NamiChef ensvisions a global platform where people from all over the world can share their cultures and connect with each other through their foods.

Our Mission

Our mission is to act as a helping hand to our community of cooking enthusiasts to improve their cooking skills while connecting and collaborating with cooks from all over the world.

Our Values

NamiChef values and believes in the power of food as a way to bring people from diverse communities and cultures together. Thus, NamiChef wishes to create a platform that will spread enduring relationships through food.

Our Promise

We promise all members of the NamiChef community, a positive and inclusive environment in which ideas and knowledge about food are shared to bring out your inner chef and help you improve your culinary skills. We pledge to provide a platform where cooks can gain knowledge about where to find authentic local ingredients and discover simple yet creative cooking techniques; a community where the common language is food.

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